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About Stone Creek

As of March 16, 2020

ALL EVENTS AT STONE CREEK WILL BE SUSPENDED until further notice.  Please see the COVID-19 Updates page above for the most current updates and changes.

Please take good care and be well.

About Stone Creek

Stone Creek Zen Center is a Buddhist practice center in the Soto Zen tradition. It is dedicated to the dharma teachings of awakening to reality and living compassionately in this impermanent, interdependent world. The core activity at the center is zazen – meditation  – or wholehearted sitting here and now, being present in the fulness of reality. Zen practice means waking up to your life in the universe in each particular moment. It is an investigation of how to live, with attention and care, together with all beings. Our sangha community extends their practice throughout each day, living consciously as part of the interconnected web of beings supporting each other’s lives.

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