POSTPONED until 11/8: Racial Literacy and Dharma Monthly Book Club

PLEASE NOTE: We will be postponing the beginning of the book club until November 8th.  On that evening, we will be covering the first 1/2 of Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson

All people are raised with cultural conditioning around race. If we were raised in the U.S., and especially if we identify as “white” or “European-descended,” our conditioning tends to include a value for colorblindness, which can make it difficult for to acknowledge, let alone investigate, our racial biases. This book group is intended to expand our racial literacy, as Micheal Eric Dyson puts it, to develop a more intimate understanding together of racial oppression and the suffering it causes across color lines in the U.S., and to engage this as our practice in Zen of turning towards suffering as the gate of awakening and liberation.

Pre-registration for the group is requested each month, so that everyone can have the page assignments, articles, and to consider the agreements before each meeting.

To register, or for more information please email:

Facilitated by: Hoka Chris Fortin, Dojin Sarah Emerson and Korin Charlie Pokorny

All three of the teachers facilitating the group identify as white, U.S. citizens, and Zen Buddhist priests. We understand the limitations of our experiences in relation to race, and strive to bring cultural humility to our facilitation of these groups.

All meetings are on Wed. evenings from 6:30-8pm at Stone Creek Zen Center in Graton, CA

Fall Dates and assignments:
October/ November: Tears We Cannot Stop: a Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson

Please note change of dates:

November 8: pages 1-123
and article: “Waking Up to Whiteness” by Greg Snyder

December 13: Tears We Cannot Stop: a Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson pages 123-end
article: TBA

December/ January: book TBA

Dec 13

Jan 10