We have decided to postpone to a later date in the fall in light of the devastating impact of the fires on our community.

As white practitioners in the U.S., we have been, and are, shaped by social, economic and other systems that benefit us at the expense of people of color. To the extent that we are unaware of this system of white privilege and racial conditioning, we are not free to make skillful choices about how to act within it. Rather, we unwittingly behave in ways that lead to suffering for ourselves, our fellow practitioners, our community and the larger society.

In this day of practice, guided meditation, self-reflection and dialog we will investigate our acculturated belief systems and how they serve as barriers to awakening, both our own and others’. We will explore ways of moving towards greater freedom and the opportunities for action that open as our minds become less encumbered by constructed identities.

BYO bag lunch. Suggested donation $40, Led by Crystal Johnson, Chris Fortin and Dojin Emerson.