Fall/Winter Yoga Workshops

Fall/Winter 2019 Schedule
Sundays 3-5:30pm
October 13th
Balance Digestion and Distribution
October 27th
Increase Energy and Vitality
December 8th
Strong Bones/Osteoporosis: Build bone density and strength
December 29th
Balance and Core Strength: Prevent falls and increase spinal stability
“Give yourself time to experience deeply”
In each workshop, we will explore specific areas of the body and how to listen to your system.
Establish a relationship to your experience through mindfulness of body, mind and breath.
To deepen the effect, the workshop will end with breath work, a lengthy relaxation pose and guided meditation.
All levels welcome. Participants will leave with a written handout on the highlights from the workshop.
Price: $45 per individual workshop
                  $80 if you buy two
            $120 for three
          $160 for four
Please, email me to register.