You are welcome to attend any of our weekly scheduled events.

While the zendo is closed due to the “shelter in place” order, we will be offering “online” zazen using zoom at 7 am and service at 7:30 am, Monday through Friday.

Please contact us for the zoom meeting link.

We hope to resume our usual schedule below as soon as possible.

For the Sunday program, you are welcome to arrive for the 10:00 am zazen and the dharma talk. This is the main community event of the week.

For weekday zazen (meditation), it is fine to attend only the first or the second period of zazen.

If you are new to practice, we recommend attending our “Introduction to Zen Practice” on the first Saturday of each month at 11 am.

Please plan to arrive five to ten minutes early for practice events. Please do not bring cellphones or leave them in the entry-way set on silent. If you are more than five minutes late for a period of zazen, please wait to enter the meditation hall until the end of that period of zazen. Click HERE for more on our zendo forms.


8:00 a.m. zazen (meditation)
8:30 service
8:45 community breakfast
9:15 cleaning
9:45 break
10:00 zazen
10:30 dharma talk
11:15 closing

 Mornings (Monday — Tuesday — Wednesday — Thursday)

6:20 zazen (meditation)
6:50 kinhin (walking meditation)
7:00 zazen
7:30 service
7:45 closing

Evenings (Monday and Wednesday)

4:00 zazen
4:30 kinhin
4:40 zazen
5:10 close

Please note that there is no zazen on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Zen Conversations on Tuesdays is led by Edmee and Lucinda – ON WINTER BREAK

6:30 pm zazen
7:00 pm informal discussion
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Affiliated Sanghas

The Wayseeker Sitting Group meets at 2421 Lomitas Ave in Santa Rosa.
The group is led by Burt Quinn and meets on Friday evenings.
6:00 pm zazen
6:30 pm discussion of practice.
7:15 pm close
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Outdoor Sitting Group with Myozen meets on Thursdays 3:00 to 4:30 pm
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Empty Bowl Sangha meets on Thursday evenings at 7:15 pm at Stone Creek.
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Soto Zen in Sonoma County