Sangha, or practice community, is the third of the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Our community is a great jewel of practice. The Sangha embodies the ongoing life of the tradition, caring for the first two treasures of the Buddha and the Dharma, and making them available to new generations of followers.

Etymologically, sangha means “that which is well struck together” which is often interpreted as a kind of blacksmithing metaphor referring to a group or community that is “well-hammered together” and thus resistant to schism, tightly knit, and in harmony.

Engaging Zen practice in community offers great support to discovering and realizing our own deepest intentions, and also provides valuable and irreplacable challenges for our growth and development. Sangha offers deep mutual support as we collectively engage our communal forms of practice dedicated to awakening.

The Sangha Blog (click HERE) reflects the many facets of the Sangha jewel, consisting of dharma offerings from Sangha members. We welcome prose, poetry, visual art and music. Please email submissions to us.

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