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About Stone Creek

While the physical zendo is closed due to COVID, we are offering daily zazen M-F through Zoom beginning at 7am, and livestreaming our Sunday morning program: zazen at 10am followed by a Dharma talk at 10:30am PST

 Please send an email for the Zoom meeting room link.

The Sunday talks and also available through our YouTube channel: Click here to access Sunday talks livestreamed on our Youtube “channel”.

Please be patient as we work with the various technical obstacles.

May all beings be healthy and well!

About Stone Creek

Stone Creek Zen Center is a Buddhist practice center in the Soto Zen tradition. It is dedicated to the dharma teachings of awakening to reality and living compassionately in this impermanent, interdependent world. The core activity at the center is zazen – meditation  – or wholehearted sitting here and now, being present in the fulness of reality. Zen practice means waking up to your life in the universe in each particular moment. It is an investigation of how to live, with attention and care, together with all beings. Our sangha community extends their practice throughout each day, living consciously as part of the interconnected web of beings supporting each other’s lives.

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Stone Creek Zen Center is dedicated to every one of us realizing our true nature. It is the deep intention of the teachers and sangha to welcome and support people of every race, nationality, class, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability to engage this practice, participate in this community, and embody this way of life.

Stone Creek Zen Center is committed to carefully studying and uprooting all forms of oppression. If you experience or observe any expressions of oppression here from an individual, or through a program, policy, or decision, we invite you to speak about this with one of the Teachers or a member of the Board. Feedback may also be submitted by email (link to contact info). All Stone Creek Zen Center teachers, leaders and Board members are urged to develop awareness of the depth and history of individual and institutional forms of oppression and to invite accountability at all levels of the organization.

We aspire to make our practice offerings available to all who are interested, regardless of ability to pay. We encourage those who find any of our fees to be an obstruction to inquire about scholarships.

May all be welcome, seen and heard. In the spirit of the “Harmony of Difference and Sameness,” may we respect, celebrate and enjoy our differences! May we realize and manifest how we are the same!

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