2012 Winter Ango V: Inconceivable Giving and Receiving

Dharma talk for Wednesday, January 18, 2012 by Jisho Warner: Winter Ango Part V: Inconceivable Giving and Receiving.

The Wholehearted Way is a love song to the world. All beings awaken, each in our own way. We humans awaken into awareness of the underlying natural fabric of the world by wholeheartedly participating in life. The world we wake up to is immeasurable, incomprehensibly grander than we can possibly think. The land, trees and grasses, fences and walls, tiles and pebbles, all the various things in the ten directions perform the work of the buddhas. Those who receive the benefits produced by these wind and water elements are inconceivably helped by the buddhas’ wondrous guidance, and all awaken intimately to themselves.