Invocation to the Earth

I want to offer an invocation from my heart
out to the universe.
I call to the Universe to charge the pulse
of our interconnection.
To open our eyes and hearts to the
Earth’s deep need of our caring.
To surge up in our consciousness, awareness
of the unity of our bodies, our flesh–
with the Earth’s body, her flesh.
This Earth that gives us everything
that causes us to live.

Charge us with the pulse of our deep
connection that we may respond
with like passion in the care
of one another.

Charge us with the power to break
through our delusions of loneliness and lack.
Help us to perceive the many ways
our Earth sustains us. Our food, our water,
our air, our shelter.
Help us open our hearts and minds
to respond to her with deep caring,
to return her gifts, to reciprocate her love.

There is a deep–immensely deep Caring in
what the Earth provides.
I long to touch the depth of this
evident caring and to become conscious
in ways that I am not yet conscious,
to enter into an intimate relationship
of reciprocity with the Earth and her
presence as Nature. I long to return to her
the glory she pours out to me.

Dear children, young ones–
the Earth’s caring for you reflects your
beauty and preciousness.
Your open hearts can flow in the
joy of giving and receiving.

This pulse and flow is the life
of our shared deep Nature.

We are all gifted as gift givers
with a powerful charged impulse to bless
one another, the Earth, her creatures,
the full cosmos with the Treasury of gifts.

In deep gratitude I offer this invocation
to the Earth and all life forms.

~ Toan Flynn, 2016