9 am – 3 pm

The rummage sale will take place at Park Side School, 7450 Bodega Ave in Sebastopol. Please come and find some affordable treasures!

You can also help by donating your unwanted items:


- Household (includes working electrical things)

- Clothes that are in great shape (no pilled sweaters and T-shirts), “interesting,” or vintage.

- Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Etc.

- Kids’ and Baby Clothes & Stuff

- Toys, Games, Stuffed Friends

- Miscellaneous

- Big Stuff (bikes, BBQs, whatever)

(We will not sell books at the Rummage Sale – please save those for Zen Fest)


You may drop your items off at the Zen Center.

We only ask that you presort your items (clothes in bags, household items in boxes, etc.) to help us in our preparations.