Silouette Buddha

The Dharma of being Anti-racist- A 4 Month Intensive, beginning January 26th

The Dharma of being Anti-Racist: Accessing Skillful Engagement

ONLINE: 17-weeks Class

TUESDAYS: January 26 – May 18, 2021 6 -8 pm PT

with Rev. Liên Shutt, Rev. Sarah Emerson, Rev. Charlie Pokorny, and Dalila Bothwell

Would you like to have skillful ways to be in the midst of these critical times?

If so, the teachings of the 8-Fold Path directly shows us how we can use our wisdom & heart-mind training to support our behaviors with these qualities:

Wisdom in:

  • Skillful Understanding / View
  • Skillful Thought / Motivation

Enacted through Heart-Mind trainings/meditations & practices in:

  • Skillful Effort
  • Skillful Mindfulness
  • Skillful Concentration

To foster behaviors of:

  • Skillful Speech
  • Skillful Action
  • Skillful Livelihood

These 8 aspects are taught as ways to live an intentional life of non-harming. Each week you’ll be presented with traditional & social justice-oriented contemporary frames to understand & apply these aspects in real & every day ways. You’ll be able to learn & practice how they make sense for you in your life now & not just as theories & concepts.

Inquiring into, understanding, and responding to the causes & conditions that have brought about our collective suffering of racism, this course will offer a variety of instructional/guided meditations, reflective writings, and mindfulness practices along with interactive exercises to support grounding, settledness, & wise action. Connecting to how you have agency/power (in yourself & with your communities) in the midst of racial conditioning is the best “medicine” for these times. We’ll practice skills for staying in discomfort & resilience through cultivating an open-hearted intimacy with suffering, invoking anti-racism to have impact in the world.

Class format will alternate between class session of teachings & home practice assignment with small group session to discuss what came up for you in the home practice that week (small groups will be formed as BIPOC-only and white-identified-only to foster brave-space intimacy).

To apply, please submit information at Access to Zen’s website: