stop asian hate

Stone Creek stands in solidarity with AAPI community

Stone Creek Zen Center stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and condemns both the long history of oppression, and the recent waves of violence against AAPI persons. We acknowledge the deep roots of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in Sonoma County,; and the deep roots of Asian American buddhist practice in our community and in the United States.

In alignment with the Bodhisattva Vows, we call on our sangha members and all Zen practitioners who are not Asian American/ Pacific Islander to be on the lookout for, and to interrupt any violence- physical, verbal and otherwise- aimed at anyone in the AAPI community in this time of escalating attacks.

Please read Why Did Six Asian Women Have to Die in Order to be Seen? by 

Online Memorial honoring victims of Atlanta murders and all AAPI targeted violence on May 4th, 4pm (the 49th day following the shootings): (see posting on our main sight as well for more information)

Take a free online Bystander Intervention Training with Hollaback! (recommended in article above by Butterfly Tony Pham)

Or enroll in The Dharma of being Anti-racist (Dojin Sarah and Korin Charlie of Stone Creek are on the teaching team, so please reach out with questions)

There are also  many efforts in our community to stand in solidarity and here are some ways to support those efforts and get involved:

Asian American Alliance of Marin- resources page 

Anti Asian Violence Resources- national 

The Wechat project