The Dharma of being Anti-racist – April 28- August 18

The Dharma of Being Anti-Racist: Accessing Skillful Engagement

Teaching Team:

Core Teachers: Rev. Liên Shutt and Dawn Haney
Facilitation Teachers: Dalila Bothwell, Linda Gonzalez, Korin Charlie Pokorny, Dojin Sarah Emerson


Would you like to skillfully practice anti-racism? The 8-Fold Path provides ways to enact:

  • Wisdom of understanding & thoughts
  • Meaningful meditations & practices with effort, mindfulness, & concentration
  • Fostering engaged behaviors in speech, action, & livelihood

Inquiring into the causes and conditions that have brought about our collective suffering from racism, this course will offer meditations, reflective writings, mindfulness practices, and interactive exercises to support grounding, settledness, and skillful action. We’ll connect to individual and collective agency as we practice skills for staying in discomfort and resilience.

Open to all who acknowledge systemic racism and are committed to examining the impact of being part of such a structure.

We are committed to a class ratio of 50% BIPOC to 50% white-identified participants.

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