Reflections: The Dharma of Joni Mitchell

by Sessei Meg Levie

In 2015, Joni Mitchell had a brain aneurism, and had to learn to sing, play the guitar, and walk again. Here she is at the Newport Folk Festival in July, playing her first full set in almost two decades.

Listening to her now at 78 singing “Both Sides Now,” I hear the Dharma: How easily we can spin with the questions, Am I up? Am I down? What’s real? What’s illusion? I remember Sengcan saying that the Way is not difficult if you just don’t pick and choose. And Dizang’s famous phrase, “Not knowing is most intimate.”

If you missed this when it came out, enjoy. If you’ve seen it before, I invite you to listen again, deeply.

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PS – “Big Yellow Taxi” is fun to listen to right after.