Two-Day Sesshin – Thurs, Dec 8 & Fri, Dec 9

In these two days, we will begin at 9am each day and sit until 4pm. Zazen (meditation) periods are in silence, with kinhin (walking meditation) in between. You may sit on a cushion or on a chair.

Dharma talks will be given by Head Priest Sessei Meg Levie and Stone Creek Founder Jisho Warner Roshi. There also will be the opportunity to meet for practice discussion (dokusan) with a teacher.

You may attend one or both days.

We will be sitting indoors, and the exact location is being finalized.
Covid precautions will be in place. We will be sitting with masks and ask that you take a Covid test each day before arriving.

More details will be provided upon registering.

if you are new to Zen practice or have any questions, please reach out to Meg at