Inaugural Three-Day Sesshin – Wed-Fri, Feb 8-10

Led by Jisho Warner and Sessei Meg Levie

Come take part in this first sesshin retreat in the new zendo! Our sustained presence in the new space is what will make it a zendo. Our practice together will help it become a true place of practice.

We will be sitting from 8am to 5pm each day. Attendance for all three days is encouraged, through you also may come for one or two days as your schedule allows (one full day minimum).

The sesshin will be held in silence, with alternating periods of zazen (seated meditation, usually 30-minute periods) and kinhin (walking meditation, usually 10 minutes), and a work period each afternoon and time set aside for stretching. A Dharma talk will be given each day and participants will have the opportunity to speak with a teacher (dokusan).

Covid precautions: Masks will be optional for this retreat, though we ask that each person take a Covid test before coming each day.

An informal vegetarian lunch will be served, as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

Each day will begin with a short orientation. Please plan on arriving by 7:45am and on being in your seat ready to start by 7:55am.

Fees are sliding scale of $60 – $100 per day including lunch and snacks.

A 15% discount given for registering for all three days. If additional financial assistance is needed, please submit your request here.

See you soon!