Cultivating the Heart of Generosity and the Mind of Enough – Sat, Oct 28 10-12

With Spencer Sherman, MBA and Sessei Meg Levie

In this special offering for the Stone Creek Sangha and friends, financial adviser and Buddhist practitioner Spencer Sherman will join with Stone Creek Head Priest Meg Levie to explore a Buddhist perspective on generosity and cultivating a peaceful mindset around money as well as answering your questions on how to leave a legacy in line with your values. We’ll be exploring the tradition of generosity in Buddhism, the taboo nature of money, and how Buddhist practices apply to many of our challenges with money.

Spencer will also share specific practical advice from his experience on giving in the most efficient ways, things to consider before making a gift, DAFs vs. outright giving vs. private foundations, how to include your children/grandchildren, and the benefits of planned giving.

He will be available afterward for brief private 1:1 chats if you have more questions about philanthropy particular to your situation.

All are welcome.

Attendance is free, but please reserve a spot by registering here.