The Dharma of Money – Saturday, June 8

With Spencer Sherman, CFP

10am – 4pm

Turning a Dharma lens toward the arena of financial matters can offer a tremendous opportunity for transformation and growth, as we often bring less awareness to our relationship with money than we do to other areas of our life. Through interactive exercises and the power of a supportive community, we’ll explore topics such as resilience, sympathetic joy, generosity, and cultivating a mindset of “enough.” Using neuroscience and Buddhist psychology, this program will help you develop greater equanimity around the often uncomfortable topic of money as well as uncover the hindrances and pathways to your own financial well-being.

Regardless of your financial advantages or challenges, it’s possible to shift from fear, confusion, and avoidance to clarity, confidence, and engagement. Together, we will loosen our inherited beliefs, gain new perspectives, and experience the paradox of how letting go offers a path toward abundance, generosity, and peace.

This daylong retreat invites you to explore your authentic relationship to money, independent of cultural and familial conditioning, and to use the day to make real-life decisions within a spacious, non-judgmental container.

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Spencer Sherman, CFP, is the creator of the Dharma of Money, a longtime mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and the founding CEO of Abacus, a sustainable financial firm with Buddhist values. He developed the Fearless Finance program, is the author of The Cure for Money Madness, and teaches for Sounds True and New York University’s Inner MBA program. His 30+ year meditation practice, including being a graduate of several multi-year programs, supports him in helping others create an equanimous, powerful, and spacious relationship with money.  He brings the wisdom of the dharma to a neglected area of our lives. Given this, the domain of money holds significant potential for our personal, spiritual, and financial health. He is dedicated to helping all beings realize the benefits of shifting from a mindset of “more” to a mindset of “enough.” He has taught at Spirit Rock, Green Gulch, Tassajara, Menla, corporations, and other venues.