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As a member of Stone Creek Zen Center, you have the opportunity to…

Deepen your practice
Stone Creek Zen Center supports your practice as you sit zazen, study dharma with teachers, and connect with other practitioners. It provides a container for your practice and a resource for anyone who wants to hear the dharma. With your support, Stone Creek offers eighteen periods of zazen each week, weekly dharma talks, monthly practice days, periodic sesshins (intensive retreats), dokusan, study groups, and ceremonies.

Create community
At Stone Creek, zazen-based practice is integrated with daily life. The sangha community comes together for various forms of practice, for celebrations (Buddha’s Birthday, Remembrance Day) and for mutual support as we follow the Buddha Way of wisdom and compassion.

Volunteer to help
Zen has always emphasized work as part of practice. Support Stone Creek by volunteering to work on special or ongoing projects such as community service programs, sangha events, fundraisers (Zen Fest, Buddhist Film Series), administrative tasks, and building and garden main¬tenance and improvement.

Practice generosity: support the Zen Center
Generosity is essential to all dharma practice. A commitment to membership reminds us of our intention to practice with our whole life. Your membership sustains the teachings, supports teachers, and maintains the center.
Membership is the primary financial support for Stone Creek. Committed giving is essential to daily operation of the center. Having regular pledged income lets us budget for expenses and develop programs.
Membership is not the same as sangha participation. Anyone may practice as part of the Stone Creek sangha. Membership is a commitment to your Zen practice and to Stone Creek.
Our annual operating fund appeal and other fundraising activities reach out to a wide circle of people who care about Stone Creek. These additional contributions help ensure the future of the center, but it is the regular, systematic support by our members that keeps the center alive.

Membership Benefits
- Members receive discounts on all fee-based activities.
- Members receive one free half-day sit yearly.

Membership Rates
The suggested membership rates are $65/ month for individuals, $95/month for families, and $120/ month sustaining members. There is no minimum contribution. We encourage members to contribute an amount that works for them.

Becoming a Member
To become a member of Stone Creek Zen Center, please pick up one of our “Membership Brochures” available in the entryway or download a PDF by clicking HERE.

Your contribution to Stone Creek Zen Center is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The center is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

You can set up a recurring monthly membership donation using the Paypal by clicking on this button:

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