Mission Statement

The following mission statement has been adapted from the Stone Creek Zen Center bylaws:

The purpose of Stone Creek Zen Center is to express, make accessible, and embody the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha Dharma as practiced in the tradition of Soto Zen. Stone Creek will provide support for teachers’ activities and a physical place for the teaching, practice, and study of Zen as a wholehearted engagement in the full reality of life.

The core practice of Stone Creek Zen Center is zazen (Soto Zen seated meditation) as just sitting, being present here and now with all beings. This center supports other practices that further people’s awakening to the impermanent, interdependent universe for the sake and welfare of all beings. Primary among these are moral inquiry and the bodhisattva precepts. Other activities include the development of sangha as the community of practitioners, Buddhist studies, religious services, and involvement in the larger society’s needs.

Stone Creek Zen Center  provides a regular schedule of zazen and Dharma talks and offers sesshin (intensive retreats); rituals and ceremonies; classes; work practice; dokusan (individual practice guidance); and pastoral counseling. Priest ordination and training are offered under the guidance of the head priest and abiding teacher.

Traditional Zen for the modern world