Zen emphasizes actual practice. In our tradition of Soto Zen, the core practice is zazen or seated meditation. The spirit of our meditation is wholehearted engagement with what is happening in the present, inside and out. In our practice, we aspire to awaken to reality and live compassionately in this impermanent, interdependent world. We cultivate an open-hearted presence, settled in the midst of what is happening, and ready to respond with wisdom and kindness.

We endeavor to extend this practice throughout our daily activities, living consciously as part of the interconnected web of beings supporting one another’s lives. The precepts (click HERE) provide valuable guidance as we face the myriad predicaments of our lives. For some of us, this practice becomes a lifelong journey of inquiry and engagement.

We start where we are. This practice is not just for those of us who may be calm, peaceful and wise, but for those of us who could use some peace and insight. This practice meets us where we are with gentleness and depth. If we feel closed off or stuck, uneasy or an underlying sense of lack, this practice is offered to help us connect with the vital, creative core of our lives so that we can live with a sense of ongoing curiosity, kind regard and gratitude.

All our welcome on this path!

If you are new to Zen or new to the Stone Creek community, please click HERE.

Our weekly practice Schedule (click HERE) is offered to support each other in opening, developing and deepening our practice together.

The “Events” page (click HERE) includes an array of events to broaden and deepen our practice including study classes, guest speakers, special ceremonies, community events, monthly practice-day or half-days, five-day sesshin or meditation intensives, and ango or practice periods.

The “Zendo Forms” page (click HERE) includes an overview of our basic forms of practice and etiquette for the meditation hall.

The “Calendar” page (click HERE) includes a listing of Sunday speakers and weekly dokusan appointment times (dokusan is a one-on-one meeting with a teacher, click HERE for more info).

Traditional Zen for the modern world