Dokusan (Practice Discussion)

Dokusan, or practice discussion, is a one-on-one meeting with one of the teachers at Stone Creek Zen Center. You are welcome to make an appointment with the teachers to talk about Zen practice and its place in your life. You do not need to have a specific question. Dokusan is chance to reflect together on the challenges and subtleties of practice meeting your life. It can be a way to deepen your engagement with practice.



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The abiding teacher and the head priests may share some of the general content of dokusan as part of teacher training for the head priests and in their collective effort to lead and nurture the Sangha. Any such sharing will be held within this circle of confidentiality. If there is anything in particular you would rather stay with just the priest you are speaking with in that moment, please let the priest know, and your preference will be honored. There is no reciprocal expectation of confidence: you are free to share the dokusan discussion.

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