Social Action

This is Stone Creek’s work in progress to share resources around social action and social justice

There is no intent to endorse any particular group or political agenda, but to share resources among our Sangha.

Please share your resources by emailing information to:

Also, please email us if you would like to be added to an email group for sharing events and actions.

Specific Actions Coming Up

National Action

Immigrant Justice

Local Resources

Gender Discrimination / Women’s Issues

LGBT Rights

Gun Control Legislation

Climate Change Resources


Specific Actions Coming Up

This is a website that facilitates calling your senators.  At the meeting on Sunday a few people expressed not knowing who to call or which issue to focus on.  If you put in your zip code, it gives you options of issues, and then numbers and scripts for calling. It’s called 5 calls:

Call/ write to congress members regarding upcoming confirmation hearings which will be beginning January 10, 2017

California Senators:
-Diane Feinstein

331 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3841

-Kamala Harris

B40B Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3553

-District 2 (Sebastopol, Occidental, Graton, Freestone everything west in Sonoma and Marin Counties):
Rep. Jared Huffman

-District 5 (some Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, everything east in Sonoma County, down to areas in East Bay): Rep. Mike Thompson

Not sure who your congressperson is?
Go to:

Specific nominees to weigh in on:
Attorney General: 1/10-11 nominee Jeff Sessions*

Treasury: date not yet set, nominee Steven Mnuchin*

For more information, a few articles on these cabinet nominees
about Jeff Sessions:

Articles on Mnuchin:


National Action

-Around civil rights, racial justice, immigration and diversity issues

Move On

Southern Poverty Law Center


Amnesty International’s “Post-election Strategy”

Color of Change


Showing Up for Racial Justice

a group of former congressional staffers who put together a guide for resisting the incoming agenda
they are now registering and linking local groups

Local chapter of Indivisible here:

Project 1461
progressive resistance

Center for Immigration Studies
map of sanctuary cities/ counties
(both Sonoma and Napa Counties are sanctuary counties)

Avaaz is a worldwide activist network, mostly online. It has high standards and is member-driven.  And very effective, I’ve found – Jisho

Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

The leaders of The women’s march are organizing a set of 10 actions. One action every 10 days for 100 days:
The first action is to write your senator. If you put in your ZIP Code they give you the name and address of your senator. They give suggestions of what and how to write it or you can download a postcard. A new action will come out every 10 days. By putting your name on the list you can have the action emailed to you.

Action updates to continue the work of the Women’s March


Immigrant Justice

North Bay Organizing Project unites people to build leadership and grassroots power for social, economic, racial and environmental justice. Current campaign: rent stabilization and just cause eviction policies. 707 481-2970.

North Bay Rapid Response Network provides Immigrant Rights training and education, emergency support and legal observers in the event of ICE raids (24 Hour Hotline 700-800-4544), and, accompaniment for those impacted by legal proceedings including deportation and asylum.

Central Laboral de Graton—The worker-led Graton Day Labor Center organizes domestic workers and day laborers for the advancement of their rights and dignity as workers, immigrants, and members of the broader community. CLG programs include job placement, leadership development, occupational safety training, health access and education, English instruction. Call 707 829-1864 or email:

VIDAS: Vital Immigrant Defense Advocacy and Services, Non-profit law services and community education. Sliding scale (low cost or free). 707 523-1740,

UndocuFund, originally established to provide disaster relief for undocumented residents impacted by North Bay fires, now includes those economically impacted by Covid-19. For more details and to donate contact

Local Resources

See Indivisible above

Centro Laboral de Graton

-Around climate change

National and International organizations

Climate Truth

One Planet Movement

Sonoma County Conservation Action

A video of Scott Clark, a civil rights attorney and a Presbyterian minister. Scott is a social advocate who knows how to motivate people and is also a very hopeful person:

Also see info below from Barry


Gender Discrimination / Women’s Issues


Planned Parenthood-national
in Sonoma County

49 Moons

LGBT Rights

Human Rights Campaign

daily acts of resistance from The Advocate

Gun Control Legislation

Everytown for Gun Safety

Climate Change Resources (from Barry)

The first is the Center for Climate Protection (CCP) where I work. We brought Sonoma Clean Power to our county, which provides power that is 48% less greenhouse gas intensive then PG&E and a lower cost to consumes – they have saved Sonoma County residents $62 million in a little more than two years. If people are interested in our other programs in transportation, schools etc. here is our website:

CCP is now working to spread this approach throughout California and there are now 300 communities in California interested and investigating this approach. We are excited that we are demonstrating that clean energy provides economic development benefits to communities, so should be able to garner bipartisan support. We hope that what we are doing in California can become a model for the rest of the country. Here is our website that supports Community Choice Energy:

Another great organization that is very grassroots and politically organizing oriented is Citizen’s Climate Lobby. They are trying to get a crucial carbon price (tax) on the national level, which will be a tough road over the next 4 years. But needs on-going support, it is such an important policy.

Finally, Union of Concerned Scientists is a group I have supported in the past. They are science based and have done good work on climate change at the local level.

Soto Zen in Sonoma County