The Dharma is the second of the Three Treasures of Buddhism: the Buddha or awakening, the Dharma or teachings, and the Sangha or practice community.

In our tradition centered on practice, teachings are deeply interwoven into our practice. Teachings are teachings on practice, and the practice is a practice of teachings. Teachings guide, inform and deepen our practice, and our practice opens and illuminates the teachings.

At Stone Creek Zen Center, the main way we offer teachings is through the weekly dharma talks on Sundays. The Dharma Talks page (click HERE) offers an extensive archive of dharma talks given at Stone Creek Zen Center and during sesshins. Teachings are also offered through study classes, dokusan, informal discussion and through ango or formal practice periods which allow for intensive study of a text.

The Buddhist tradition offers an ocean of teachings for our engagement. Our Texts for Chanting (click HERE) offer a number of wonderful glimpses into that tradition.

The library at Stone Creek offers a rich array of books on teachings from the Buddhist tradition, ancient and contemporary, introductory and advanced.

We hope to develop a page here dedicated to suggested reading in the Dharma.

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